To all of my supporters through all of the years, thank you!!  For those who don't know, I was born in Southeast Texas and grew up near Trinity Bay (Cove, TX).  Music has always been part of my life from an early age.  You can see some early pictures on the "Photos" tab... but be prepared.  My mom was always a driving force for what she considered "my talent".  Her force became my love for country music and, heck, you never stop trying to please your mom even though she has been gone for 15+ years.  Man, I miss her.

My love for country music is stronger now than it ever has been.  Although I have drifted away from it, music has always called to me and I believe my faith brought me back this time. I have been blessed to play with some really great musicians in some really great venues but the people in the audience I get to meet still surprises me.  I guess I am just thankful that people show up and want to listen.  One of the things I value the most this time around is the time I get to spend with my dad.  SuperDave has always worked hard and traveled significantly but that sometimes meant that he didn't get to make the shows.  I am really glad to have you there pop!!


If you come to a show, you are going to hear solid country music.  Not that I have anything against this more modern country sound, but its just not my taste.  Some songs you will know and some originals I hope that you will like.  If you want to hear something in particular just ask and we might take a stab at it.

Common Thread (the band) and I are making the rounds so if you want to hear some good country music and you want to dance, come out and spend an evening with us and please say hello.  I hope to see you soon -Troy